I thought this was going to be a fleeting and small thing….

not so much!



Now while I don’t think that this is something that you should fill your closet with, I definitely think that an affordable pair or two to stay on trend would be a good add to your wardrobe. I think it’s a cute, casual, boho vibe that if you pair with a woven pair of sandals, cute bucket bag, then you’re good to go. I will preface the rest of this post with the fact that i don’t love it haha! I don’t have the legs for culottes, so my take on this trend is a little biased. Do I think that it’s cute and can be adorable? 100%! I just don’t think that it is something super flattering for me and my body type.

So with that, if you feel like you can’t wear these because of your body type, know that 1. you can wear whatever you want 2. you are beautiful no matter what your body type is 3. at least try them to see how you feel! Who knows maybe you’d be super comfortable in them?!

My body type: tall, with a side of thighs 🙂 so I prefer to wear things that lengthen my legs and distract from my pear-shaped body. I don’t think that culottes necessarily accomplish that, however it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now, in these pics I paired it with a longline tank top so that I was able to apply my oh-so-favorite french tuck (tucked in front, but not in the back) so I think that definitely helped.



I love the linen high waisted culottes, think they are a little more flattering and summery. There’s something about the denim styles, not sure why they feel a little different. With linen culottes you could wear a light sweater, bodysuit tank top with a jean jacket, or maybe chambray shirt tied in the front? Either way, these are a summer must-have! Especially if you live in places like I do that can be pretty chilly at night.

You could pair it with a pair of sandals like above for a casual day look, or pair it with a pair of scrappy sandal heels for a nice date night look! Going even more casual? Graphic tee and sneakers could be fun too. Depends on how cool you’re feeling 🙂

If you’re looking for an on-trend wedding outfit, these jumpsuits below could be a great idea! It’s a great way to keep it a little more casual and summery than a full-length jumpsuit, and perfect to stay trendy and fashionable. I would definitely suggest pairing the jumpsuit with a pair of heels, just to really elongate the look.

Have fun checking out all of these fun styles and hope you find your preferred style with this trend. And remember, just because it’s trending or in-style doesn’t mean you HAVE to love it. But if you’re still on the fence, check out a few of these styles below.









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