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There are soooooooo many diets out there! And I’m not even going to try and list them all out here, just check out the picture above. But it can be very confusing with all of that information out there! You hear a celebrity has gone Keto, an athlete eats gluten free, the Kardashians eat raw (don’t think that’s the case, but just using it to make a point)…

but what do these diets actual mean? What do they do? I’m breaking down why they may not be the healthiest choice and why they may in fact be contradicting themselves and could cause more harm than help in the future.

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Let the apple recipes continue!

This recipe is the perfect seasonal snack to have around during the week. They are like little squares of apple bread, but healthier and more nutritional. Want more protein in the recipe? Check out the alternatives you can make to the original recipe at the bottom of the post. Both are great options! And both delicious!

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Seasonal and healthy? We hit the jackpot!

Try out these clean pancakes this weekend for a great kickoff to apple season. Just a few simple ingredients will be sure to make your morning a little brighter… and healthier.

Gluten free, low in sugar, high in protein, and… did I mention it’s apple season :-)

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If you couldn’t already tell, I love quick breads. Even more? I love health quick breads! That’s why I love love love this recipe. It tastes like an indulgent banana bread but is a much cleaner and healthier version. Plus the individual muffins make it easier to portion control… or you could just eat 4 muffins :-/

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Your core is one of the most important pieces to your overall strength, and not just because it is where you get that "six pack" everyone strives for. By strengthening your core, you strengthen so many other pieces of your body keeping your overall health and balance improved! 

Check out this core workout that is so much more than a simple sit-up and will keep your core stregthened and toned.  

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I love baking! But i love baking healthier versions of my childhood comfort foods. My mom always used to make quick breads; banana, apple, zucchini, and as an adult I still want to enjoy them! Just in a healthier way.

Check out this post for two recipes for clean, high protein banana breads that are great snacks to have all week!

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I use two pieces of equipment almost every workout I do at home: the mini bands and the super bands. Check out this post to see an amazing workout video that hits every muscle with these super bands and why you should have them in your house (or suitcase) for your next workout.

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