Believing the compliments are so much harder than believing the negative things, which is why we pick ourselves and our bodies apart. We pick apart what body parts are bigger, looser, bumpier than the others… but let’s embrace our strengths, embrace our beauty, and maybe one day we’ll be able to focus on the compliments and not even hear the criticisms.

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This post is exactly that, a review of 2018. The ups, the downs, and my resolutions for the year to come!

Here, I talk about the struggles of moving, how I handled the first full calendar year of blogging, and celebrating our first full year of marriage. Every year is an opportunity for learning and growth, so at the end of each year I really reflect on whether or not I was able to act like a functioning adult… jury’s still out.

I’m also talking about how I set resolutions! It’s a little unconventional, and probably slightly over complicated… shocking. But it works for me!

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That friend or family member that is always on the go? And by ‘on the go’, I mean going to and from their favorite studio workout or the gym!

That friend that has more leggings than jeans, more gym equipment than jewelry? This is for her!

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All of my favorites all in one place! Dozens of shopping links to get your home ready for the holidays and the whole winter!

These ideas will keep your home in style, and chic for months, without screaming Christmas or that you just didn’t feel like taking down your holiday decorations the second the holiday was over

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Let the apple recipes continue!

This recipe is the perfect seasonal snack to have around during the week. They are like little squares of apple bread, but healthier and more nutritional. Want more protein in the recipe? Check out the alternatives you can make to the original recipe at the bottom of the post. Both are great options! And both delicious!

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Our favorite summer wine is taking over fall! Well, the beginning at least.

Pairing it with apples and a few apple recipes is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite rosé this time of year! Check out this post for a few ideas and recipes for just how to do it! And even some serving boards to top off the perfect night of hosting.

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Seasonal and healthy? We hit the jackpot!

Try out these clean pancakes this weekend for a great kickoff to apple season. Just a few simple ingredients will be sure to make your morning a little brighter… and healthier.

Gluten free, low in sugar, high in protein, and… did I mention it’s apple season :-)

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Our home renovations continue! After my post about our master closet, I bring you the story of our pantry. California Closets knocked it out of the park again, so read on to see more pictures and our styling process. Plus! You get to shop all of the organizing tools I have in our pantry!

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An inside look at our new custom master closet. We used California Closets for our new pantry and master closet that were left undone in our new house, and they did not disappoint! Read this post to see why you should run to California Closets today to do your next home project!

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The blog is one year old!! One whole year of sharing workouts, recipes, fun fashion, and general tips, I have loved every one of the 365 days of this journey so far. 

Why did I start the blog? Has it been what I've expected? What have I learned in the first year? In this birthday post I will open up about the struggles and triumphs of blogging and why I even started it in the first place! 

Cheers to turning one year old.

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If you couldn’t already tell, I love quick breads. Even more? I love health quick breads! That’s why I love love love this recipe. It tastes like an indulgent banana bread but is a much cleaner and healthier version. Plus the individual muffins make it easier to portion control… or you could just eat 4 muffins :-/

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The second part to the newest series; how to wear one piece of clothing in many (many) ways! This one is a really fun one and very on trend for this fall/winter! Pleated skirts are popping up everywhere and this post covers how many different ways you can wear them as well as links to dozens of adorable style choices to rock this coming season!

Read more to see how to stay on-trend this season but true to our own style, and budget :-)

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Your core is one of the most important pieces to your overall strength, and not just because it is where you get that "six pack" everyone strives for. By strengthening your core, you strengthen so many other pieces of your body keeping your overall health and balance improved! 

Check out this core workout that is so much more than a simple sit-up and will keep your core stregthened and toned.  

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