Now while I don’t think that this is something that you should fill your closet with, I definitely think that an affordable pair or two to stay on trend would be a good add to your wardrobe. I think it’s a cute, casual, boho vibe that if you pair with a woven pair of sandals, cute bucket bag, then you’re good to go. I will preface the rest of this post with the fact that i don’t love it haha! I don’t have the legs for culottes, so my take on this trend is a little biased. Do I think that it’s cute and can be adorable? 100%! I just don’t think that it is something super flattering for me and my body type.

So with that, if you feel like you can’t wear these because of your body type, know that 1. you can wear whatever you want 2. you are beautiful no matter what your body type is 3. at least try them to see how you feel! Who knows maybe you’d be super comfortable in them?!

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Before we get started, this post is not just for bloggers. So if you were considering just skipping it or skimming it, maybe reconsider. 

These are tips and pieces of advice that I think are thoroughly applicable to any career or endeavor, but since my personal experience these past two plus years has been in blogging and social media, that’ll be the focus. And no this isn’t a guide to getting 20,000 followers on Instagram because, to be honest, I would have no idea how to write that…. but it’s more nuggets of information that will build a strong foundation for whatever business you are building. 

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Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be the same thing every year… flowers, candle, repeat. But these finds fit every personality and every budget! I particularly love the coffee and relaxation items, mostly because I feel like those are the top needed items by moms worldwide. Agreed?

Shop all of my Mother’s Day Gift finds below! And TONS of them are on sale so don’t miss out!

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This is one of the most special times in your life! You have so many exciting things coming up… as well as stressful. But finding your fashion for all of these fun events shouldn’t be stressful! If so, hopefully this post will help you out.

I absolutely loved this part of the planning process! And in fact wrote several posts about it last year when I was fresh out of it. But loving it isn’t just because I love fashion, etc. but because I love the color white! I do! I love the simplicity and the classiness in a white dress, blouse, trousers, I could go on. So I was in my element.

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I had to look up what these meant when we were setting the dress code for our wedding a few years ago. To be honest, it’s still kinda confusing! But with wedding season just around the corner, I’ve had a lot of requests for a little clarity. So, I shall do my best.

CASUAL ATTIRE: This probably means that it’s going to be outdoors, fairly laid-back, but that doesn’t mean jeans or tank tops are acceptable.

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This term was first coined several years ago when activewear started to take over global retail. In other words, women started wearing their yoga pants everywhere, and boom! Another department.

And it’s not a small one.

Now valued at over $84 billion, this is not a “passing trend”. Companies are much more relaxed on dress code, overall fashion trends are more casual, and people just don’t have the time to change their entire outfit after their workouts and before their errands. And as a trainer, I couldn’t be happier!

I lived in my team-issued gear at Ohio State, mostly because it was comfortable, but it was also because I just didn’t want to have to go all the way home before practice. These days, when I teach, I am usually going to or from a class that I was taking! And don’t have a ton of time between classes to be able to get some errands done. And let’s be honest, yoga pants are so much more comfortable than jeans!

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Clear bags, barrettes, ribbons and headbands, oh my!

There are other trends according to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar that will be making appearances this spring/summer season, however these trends are the ones that I feel like won’t make you look totally bazaar (haha get it?) when you don them at brunch. Don’t you feel like that most of the time you’re reading a high fashion magazine or see people’s insta-posts at fashion week? Like, “I would never wear that!” or “who would actually wear that in real life?”. I selectively choose which fashion trends are “real-life” acceptable, and ones that I even like! Just because it’s on-trend, doesn’t mean it looks good.

A few of these trends you have already seen ALL OVER Instagram and I think are soooo fantastic for Spring! The barrettes for example, I love the concept of keeping your hair back now that the sun is out. Show off that new tan! Soak up that vitamin D! I even kinda like the multiple barrette concept as well. Now… I’m not feeling the full-Dorit mode when I say ‘multiple’. Not that she’s not fabulous…. but I would probably just go with a scrunchy at this point!

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I’m talking beige, cream, taupe, khaki, off-white, oh my!

This is seriously the most exciting fashion trend I have ever witnessed :-) and mostly because my closet is already SO on-trend :-) but completely unintentionally, I’m just a neutral-kinda-girl. And my favorite part is pairing neutrals together, so this Spring is going to be the best!

What’s also great about it is that the utility and the neutral trend can be one in the same! So by buying one piece you can hit two trends at the same time! These categories below I have compiled a few dozen of my favorite styles so far… but this won’t be it! Keep an eye out for more releases to make an appearance that will keep you in style and on trend.

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This is legit my favorite time of year. I know that I’ve said that before about fall, but after some serious consideration, spring wins.

Think about it, how long has it been since you’ve seen green grass, or been able to stand outside for more than 10 minutes without being concerned about freezer burn on your face? As you look to the weeks ahead you get excited about the possibility of warmer temperatures, maybe the snow will start to melt, everything will start to thaw out, including your toes!

Ah, what a time to be alive!

And since this polar vortex has caused temporary hibernation I have had a lot of time to think about some things to get ready for this glorious season. Whether it’s some fashion choices, something for the home, or beauty picks, I think this list is a great place to start!

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This print is everywhere! And I’m loving it!

I’ve slowly become more comfortable with bold prints like this, and excited for all the ways that it is showing up in the market! Whether you’re ready for a full dress, or maybe just a pair of shoes or accessory to ease into it, check out this post for dozens of my favorite trend finds.

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There are soooooooo many diets out there! And I’m not even going to try and list them all out here, just check out the picture above. But it can be very confusing with all of that information out there! You hear a celebrity has gone Keto, an athlete eats gluten free, the Kardashians eat raw (don’t think that’s the case, but just using it to make a point)…

but what do these diets actual mean? What do they do? I’m breaking down why they may not be the healthiest choice and why they may in fact be contradicting themselves and could cause more harm than help in the future.

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This post is exactly that, a review of 2018. The ups, the downs, and my resolutions for the year to come!

Here, I talk about the struggles of moving, how I handled the first full calendar year of blogging, and celebrating our first full year of marriage. Every year is an opportunity for learning and growth, so at the end of each year I really reflect on whether or not I was able to act like a functioning adult… jury’s still out.

I’m also talking about how I set resolutions! It’s a little unconventional, and probably slightly over complicated… shocking. But it works for me!

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