While I am not necessarily decorating a Christmas tree quite yet, I am starting to think about the season of gifting. However this year is just bonkers, and I don’t know about you but “stuff” is not on my list this year. While there are a few items here and there that I have on my list for my mom who just can’t help herself and has to wrap something, I feel like a lot of people this year feel like buying things for each other isn’t their highest priority.

I’ve only just started to skim the sites for gift ideas as well as those that might be on the more creative side, so I thought that I would share those with you if you are the kind of person who likes to get their shopping done early.

Miss social cocktails? Me too, me too. I am not sure when I’m going to be comfortable going to a bar or something of that nature again, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch those fun vibes completely. I love the science behind cocktails and think that it’s so cool when you find a restaurant that has cool cocktails, so you could make an evening of it! Putting together a little gift basket for someone or even just one item to then set the tone for a fun evening, or multiple evenings could be great! Maybe a book of fun cocktail recipes, or a personalized cocktail shakers, or a cocktail mix to have by the fireside? Mix up your evenings that seem to be running together and bring the fun bar around the corner to your house!

Or what about a movie night? No, we don’t have kids, but we’re as immature as them sometimes 😀 and I know that one thing I also miss is a movie night! Not that we would go to the movies all that much before the shut-down, but just the idea that we could! Not to mention because social encounters are pretty much zilch, it seems like every night we just flip on the tv and say “so what do you wanna watch?”. So why not mix it up and put a creative twist on it? Nice weather out? Set up the projector and comfy porch chairs! Have an empty wall in the house, bring it inside, grab your coziest blanket and some popcorn. Have kiddos? Put together a fun concessions stand! People find so much more joy from spending money on events rather than things (read that in a scientific article who knows when…) so why not make your holiday gift a bit of both?!

At the same time we all know that life is going to continue to look differently for a while, so maybe something to keep their home nice and cozy, or spruce up their home office space?

Also, don’t miss the Holiday Shop for more gift ideas and early Black Friday deals that I find over the next few months.

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