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I have already known several people that have succumb to the season. We all know the feeling: it starts off as a slightly sore throat, then your nose starts to run a bit or maybe it’s harder to breathe, your head might start feeling a little warm and brain a little fuzzy.

Cue the “Netflix and Heal” process!

Not only is it insanely unpleasant, but it’s also incredible inconvenient! You’ve still got to work, raise the small humans, and either travel to your family’s for the holidays, or heaven forbid HOST your family for the holidays! That turkey isn’t going to brine itself and hop into the oven!

So here are a few proven tricks and things to keep in mind to incorporate more into your routine to hopefully ward off that wretched cold that will be chasing you down this Winter.


1. Vitamin C – an oldie but a goodie! While vitamins help, the best way to get this and other vitamins is from food! It’s the best and most natural way for your body to absorb them and most likely to be absorbed to their fullest. While the supplements can’t hurt, here is a list of the top 10 foods with the highest levels of Vitamin C per cup (#1 being the highest):

  1. Guava – 377 mg

  2. Kiwi’s – 167 mg

  3. Bell Peppers – 152 mg

  4. Strawberries – 98 mg

  5. Oranges – 96 mg

  6. Papayas – 88 mg

  7. Broccoli – 81 mg

  8. Brussels Sprouts – 74.8 mg

  9. Tomato – 55 mg

  10. Kale – 53 mg

*keep in mind if you are going to start pounding orange juice, you might be doing more harm than good! There is SO much sugar in bottled store-bought OJ, so I would opt for an orange fruit instead.

2. Tea and honey please 🙂 honey is a natural antiviral while certain teas can help you stay hydrated! Not to mention hot liquids help reduce mucus build-up which we all know can be one of the peskiest symptoms.

3. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!!! We all know how important it is to overall and long-term health, but don’t forget the more immediate aid. It helps your immune system an every other naturally occurring system in your body to function! That seems, like, super important?

4. Chicken Soup, no this is not Campbell’s commercial, but it really does have anti-inflammatory properties. High in Vitamin C and K, this cozy bowl helps fight off viruses, remember that thing I said about hot liquids earlier? And the broth!! There is SO MUCH GOODNESS in chicken broth. ESPECIALLY homemade chicken broth: reducing inflammation, loading you with nutrients, and possible even helping you sleep? Pour me a cup now please!

*Here are a few recipes for homemade chicken broth: Good Housekeeping, Goop’s Bone Broth, Food Network

5. Aromatherapy oils aren’t just for the fancy spa. Peppermint oil specifically can reduce your cough, reduces muscle pain and can increase circulation! You can throw it in a massage blend or into a bath to soak! Eucalyptus oil is also an anti-inflammatory and can help with respiratory issues.

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