Despite what the weather may say… here, it’s snowing. Cool. 


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What’s the first thing when you think of spring? Sunny days? Crisp mornings? Birds chirping? Easter, even? Me? I think of flowers. Fresh, beautiful, flowers. Where we lived in Maryland when I was growing up was surrounded by trees and flowers. One of my strongest memories is walking down the stairs in the morning, every single window open, to be greeted by the refreshing scent and sight of newly bloomed flowers just outside our front door. 

Now, as an adult, that’s still my hope for every Spring morning. No matter how… un-Spring-like Spring might actually be here in Minnesota. But despite the unseasonal weather, I will continue to wear colors and florals until Spring arrives. Forcing the Spring mindset 🙂 


So if you crave colors and prints come March 21st like me, shop some of my favorite picks below!!



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There’s nothing more feminine and flirty than a flowy floral dress when the sun comes out. And this season is when the invitations flood your inbox: bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, spring weddings, easter brunch, family gatherings… you name it. 

Rock those events in style! Spring style, specifically 🙂 


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Now get to shopping! Whether it’s Easter brunch, a bridal shower, spring wedding, or just a girl’s night that you want to fancy up! These favorites will do just that 🙂 



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Looking for something a little more, everyday? day of errands? casual friday? These pants are the perfect happy medium if you don’t want the florals to take over your whole outfit. I used to shy away from everything feminine (hence childhood tomboy). So when I started experimenting with prints, I started one article of clothing at a time. 

In the same boat? These pants are perfection! 


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Whether you’re in the gym, at the grocery store, or on your way to date night, these picks are perfect for every occasion. 



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If I’m not in workout gear I’m usually wearing jeans, and there’s nothing I love more than the contrast of a pair of boyfriend fit jeans and a cute and feminine floral top! These three are my top picks and all would look adorable with a torn pair f jeans and nude/white heels. 

Still have chilly(-ish) temperatures? I feel ya. Check out some cute lightweight jackets that’ll do just the trick! And keep those Spring vibes flowing… until the Spring temperatures catch up. 


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Keep looking! Some great finds still to come! 




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