I don’t know about where you live, but Fall is here. No doubt about it. We woke up the other day and had to turn the fireplace on!!! So I guess instead of easing into it, we just skipped to November…

Every year I go through my sweaters to realize either ones that are old, never been worn, will never be worn, you know how it goes. Me personally? Should not own another sweater. If I buy another one my husband might have me institutionalized :-/ But that doesn’t stop me from checking out the new ones from some of my favorite retailers OR finding new ways to wear the staple sweaters that I have now.

Those favorite retailers I mentioned?

  • H&M

  • Abercrombie

  • Asos

  • and sometimes Target

All of these in the list above have great styles and prices! I personally love H&M for the staple crew neck sweater. They have a wide range of materials, and great neutrals. Abercrombie is great for a cute, more trendy cardigan or their Soft AF sweatshirt line, which is, well, ‘soft af’ 😀 Asos is definitely for the more trendy sweaters but you can find some great deals there! I’ve seen some great sherpa jackets and I got a nice distressed sweatshirt form there last month. Target is kind of hit or miss for me, but there is definitely reason to check on what they have to offer, just in case!


I love a good neutral sweater to layer under coats. My go-to for the past year or so has been a lighter sweater or sweatshirt (think whites/light beige) under my favorite camel wool coat! From there you can pair it with jeans, booties, black jeans and mules, leggings and otk boots? So many great options!

And when you get a really good staple sweater, wearing it on its own with a pair of leggings and white sneakers and you are good to go!



Want some ideas as to how to wear them and create a versatile fall closet? I put together a deck for a friend on fall fashion finds and one of the pages below is a great place to start! Since most people are working from home these days, I think the main focus is fall weekends, casual looks and pieces that you can wear getting errands but also style with other pieces in the event of a social outing!

If you want me to put together a deck for you or have specific fashion/style needs, fill in the form below and we can chat about me putting together something for you!

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