I love a light jacket, and now that we’re living in Nashville I feel Ike that’s what I’m going to be wearing more than the heavier coats that I’d have on rotation in Minnesota. Very rarely am I going to need to protect myself from negative temperatures, thank goodness. So I’m going to have a deeper appreciation for my lighter coats, those sweater jackets I wear all of the time, and layering items that we all love so much.

The last two years or so the camel sweater jacket and dad coats have been consistent best-sellers and I have one of each. They are easily my most-worn items in my closet this time of year and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. I love how versatile they are, as well as how comfortable! Two years ago I wrote this post about the coat with a similar sentiment; that it’s the only one you need. But we all need options, right?



I think shirt jackets this time of year are incredibly popular, and ones that are plaid even more so! I think having one is a good place to start and is great to layer with a t-shirt or even a lighter sweater underneath with some sneakers or booties. Great for casual events and weekends.



My personal favorite though is a sweater jacket. Those pieces that feel as comfortable as a soft sweater but can pass as a jacket and easy to layer as well. I have two or three that are in the blazer cut that I wear a ton for meetings and stuff during the Fall. That’s another great thing about these, you could wear these all day on your zoom calls and still be oh so cozy while looking professional.



Now for the really classy picks. I have a dad coat from Gap from years ago and it is still available! That means it is 1. a classic style that will last you a long time 2. available from several retailers so you could find a great price! Check out some of these that I found recently and loved.


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