This is the first opportunity you have for your home to give an impression, and at times it is the only opportunity. Think about how many people pass your front door, whether on the street or the UPS guy (yes, ours stops at our house a lot! So why not give yourself the best shot at leaving a stylish impression?

I love Fall for outdoor decor, the front porch can feel so festive and so easily too! Mother Nature gives so many great decorating pieces, and you can find so many great items at your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Either way, with just a few quick changes you can have your front porch feeling seasonal and stylish!

My front porch staples for Fall?

  1. A seasonal rug for underneath my doormat – this is usually the black striped one we have, but there are some great checkered ones that would look GREAT as welll!

  2. Change up your planters from the Summer – I like seasonal colors for these; terra cotta, maybe black? Something a little darker to bring the changing colors outside in to your home decor.

  3. The decor – to be honest in the Summer I don’t really have anything to decorate the front porch, the flowers that bloom in our planters and the sunshine kinda speaks for itself. But in the Fall I love to have some pumpkins, maybe a mini hay bail, or a bunch of birch logs, the list goes on and on! And don’t get me started on lanterns! Oh my goodness, there is nothing better than some oversized lanterns on a crisp Fall evening.

Check out some great finds below to get going on your Fall front porch. Some of us have to start earlier than others because, well, Winter likes to show up in October (#smh). Happy shopping!




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