I absolutely love this time of year to spruce up the home. Because the weather is usually so-so, we end up spending a lot of time inside, so I want it to feel festive and cozy! And what I love most about it all is that it doesn’t take a ton to accomplish it. A new faux plant here, a new throw there, and voila! Fall as arrived.

I wanted to have a few hits of color this year, so I mixed in some burnt orange and dark reds to really bring some fall vibes inside. If you’re struggling with what colors to include in your home, pay attention to what colors catch your eye outside! This is the most perfect time of year for using nature as your inspiration, so next time you take a drive, do just that! That’s how I decided on the colors that I did. Every time I saw one of those trees with the deep red on the top and the dark orange on the bottom, I couldn’t look away.

But no, I didn’t completely redo our living room. I changed out half of our throw pillows for darker/moodier ones. I put a dark planter with dark berry stems on the coffee table, and obviously started burning my fall scented candles that I stocked up on from Target. You would be shocked at what difference a few different colors can make. My husband came downstairs and immediately asked what was different about our living room?

Check out a few of my finds below for what I consider to be the pieces that you can easily change out for the season! Oh, and a running fire place and hot apple cider is also a must 🙂





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