My journey with makeup has been a long one. I really didn’t wear any until after college, and I am far from an expert. To be honest I probably still don’t do things right, but I feel like I have gotten into a bit of a routine that works for me, so thought that I would share it with you all!

I am more of a natural/neutral gal. Meaning I’m not into bright colors or heavy eye makeup but do like to play around with different neutrals which is why I love eye palettes! This one in particular is a bestseller and a recent favorite of mine, but in the past I have actually used a few Kylie eye palettes and Bare Minerals as well. It is a great way to get a few different shades to play with that you know will go together!




And that’s it!

If I had to pick my core three that I couldn’t live without it would be the contour, eyebrow pencil and the mascara. If I ever go bare minimum with makeup (after foundation and blush) those are the only things I use.

I think the important things to do when it comes to picking your makeup is to find colors that go with your natural skin tone. Foundations are great these days with matching true skin tones, whether you have neutral/peach/or yellow undertones, you can find one that matches those! Same with blush and eye shadows. You don’t want something that is too stark with blush that makes it look like you painted two circles on your cheeks. I love this glossier shade because it has rose/blush tones with a neutral base.

A lot of people are on the clean beauty products trend, and I totally get that! Just keep in mind that there is a difference between clean and organic, and pay attention because a lot of companies are starting to take the bad stuff out! Even huge mainstream brands. I have used clean products that before and had luck with it. I personally love BareMinerals for good quality products that are free of certain chemicals, and have often used this foundation which also acts as a moisturizer. One thing that I will ALWAYS stress when it comes to foundations is SPF. Even if you are wearing a powder with a primer, one of the two should always have SPF in it. I don’t care if it’s winter and you live in the arctic (cough cough me), sun damage can happen at any time and there is no reason not to wear SPF.

A product I have started using in the past year that I feel has made a big difference is under-eye corrector. Have you ever put on concealer just to feel like the blues/purples of your under-eye show anyway? Dab a little bit of this corrector under your concealer and the color is totally gone! You don’t need a lot either. I personally hate the look of painted on makeup so you don’t want to look like you took white-out to your under-eye! A little bit goes a long way!

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