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The core is such an important part of our body, and not just because it’s where you can have a six-pack. 

The core trains the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdominals to work in harmony. Why is this important? It improves your balance and stability which we all know is crucial to our everyday activity. 




So how to train? Please, omit the crunch. The standard crunch is not only the most boring exercise out there, but also the least effective. Doesn’t actually do a lot! What to do, what to do… I love coming up with new core exercises, and there are so many options and moves you can do to strengthen your core. This workout is core-focused, but with the squat-variations and burpees you are still working your core a ton!

I did 15 reps per move in 3 sets and was definitely feeling it in my core the next day. 

Whenever doing core-focused moves, still focus on form! Not hunching your shoulders when laying on your back, and not arching your lower back. Keep all the work in your core



*Every time you do a workout from Keegan Michelle, you do so at your own risk. Please consult a doctor before completing a workout if you are, or have been recently; injured, pregnant, asthmatic, or any other physical condition that may hinder your physical performance.

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