… in paper bag shorts



I absolutely love these styles and cannot get enough of them. I’m just so happy that I have found some affordable ones, so I can keep on collecting 🙂

I love how many colors and patterns there are, but what I love most is that when you find the right fit? It is the RIGHT fit. These are so freaking comfortable, and for people with a body type like mine? Flattering! Now your collections are not just limited to low rise khaki shorts or short jean shorts for the summer. As you can tell by these pictures (below) they are versatile enough that they will likely fit any occasion you have in these hotter months. The outfit above, for example I think is perfect for a brunch or maybe more “put-together” event! And these shorts are just $30!! With the linen fabric and the light stripe detail it is the epitome of summer.

And this outfit below? Any reason to wear a straw hat, and pair this with a cute pair of sandals and it’s the perfect outfit for a peach day, lake day, farmers market, grocery store? Pup isn’t included 😀 but she definitely makes the outfit a little cuter.

By the way, if you click on any of these images to shop them all! And I suggest you do.



Another fun way to style them is with a light sweater. If you live somewhere that the nights can be a little cooler, this is a great way to stay warm and add something even a little more formal! Or you can pair them with some cute sneakers to keep it casual too! Khaki’s and greens are still in-trend and imagine they will stay as such for the remainder of the spring/summer, so these shorts below hit two great trends! Well aren’t you stylish 🙂 I wore this particular outfit to Mother’s Day Brunch, which shockingly, in Minnesota was actually pretty warm out!

Another way to wear this style when it’s really hot out would be with a cute tank and maybe some gladiator sandals. You’ll most definitely be seeing more of these shorts in the future, so don’t miss any post or outfit! In the meantime shop some of my paper bag shorts below to get your spring style going.






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