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I always prioritize protein in my snacks





Mostly, when looking at the nutritional value I look at the ratio of protein to sugar. If the sugar is higher than the protein, and significantly, then it’s an automatic no-go. Turns out finding the right ratio at the grocery store is pretty difficult! So, I tend to make my snacks at home. 

I first started making my own granola bars in college. Like, ALL the time, and came to prefer the taste and “control” over that than buying them from the store. All of those “healthy” breakfast bars, granola bars, or snacks really aren’t! Check the ingredients! Rarely can you find some with whole ingredients, and as little sugar as possible. Not to mention ones with healthy protein! 

Okay, I sound high maintenance. 






But I feel like that isn’t a lot to ask! Yet, I still insist on making my snacks at home. I’ll be sharing some homemade protein bars, granola, and other healthy snacks you can make from home soon. But today I’m sharing my favorite protein bites recipe. They taste great and perfect for just a little snack if all you need is 1-2 bites to get you through. 

It’s also a super versatile recipe! You can change out or add other ingredients to change the taste. Maybe lemon poppyseed for summer? Hmmm… stay tuned 🙂 






Serves: 20 – 24 bites

1/4 cup vanilla protein powder 

3/4 cup old fashioned oats 

1/2 cup almond meal

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

5 medjool dates, pitted

1/3 cup creamy peanut butter 

1/4 cup agave syrup or honey

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Put all of the dry ingredients into a food processor, blend until creates a flour-like consistency. If you want it to be a little chewier, feel free to leave the oats a little less blended. Totally your preference 

Add in the dates, peanut butter, honey and extract and process until the wet and dry ingredients mix completely. The mixture will start to mold into a bit of a ball as it spins in the food processor, that means that it is mixed well and everything is holding together. That’s what you want!

Now mold the balls by rolling about 2 tbsp worth into the palm of your hands. As your hands get stickier, run a little water over them and that will keep it from sticking onto your hands as you form the bites. 

I like to keep these refridgerated as they hold together better when cold! They’ll keep for 5-7 days in the fridge, but closer to 3-4 days at room temp. 


A few notes: 

If you choose agave (vegan) then it will be a little sweeter, and you might need a little less of it as it is a little runnier than honey. 

Feel free to add other ingredients too! Maybe carob nibs, or other dried fruit? Or even chocolate protein powder! All good options 🙂 

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