If you spend any time in the kitchen, you’re going to want to read this.

And by ‘any time’, I mean it. Whether your kitchen quandaries are what snacks to eat, or what dinner to make, the storage space is crucial. And we have had our fair share of minimal storage. We’ve moved a lot so we’ve had all different shapes and sizes of pantries. From the double door shelving units, to the single cupboard mishap, to where we are now.





We used the same team from California Closets on our pantry as we did our master closet and everything turned out just as amazing! We knew that this space was a tad simpler than our closet, but that we still wanted it to be unique. None of this shelf upon shelf upon shelf nonsense. We knew that to have a unique space we needed unique aspects to the space.

Anna Abrams, who designed our master closet, was just as diligent as to how we would use the space in our kitchen. She knew that there was going to be a certain way I wanted to organize the space, and that we could maximize the usability and the aesthetics of such a small area.

And again, she delivered! The combination of drawers, both built-in and wire baskets not only keeps things organized but also looks great! The break-up of materials really opens up the space and keeps it from being too heavy.





In all of my pinterest inspo-boards (and i’ve got a few) I loved the concept of cube storage spaces with baskets. Knowing that there are plenty of larger items that we needed to store, I knew that was on our must-have list! And we use them a ton! These baskets from Container Store are not only the perfect size (as if they were made for the space), but a great way to hide bigger items, like water bottles, or bulk items, or even just items that we buy multiples of but don’t want allll of them out at the same time!

For more on my experience with California Closets and our designer, Anna Abrams, check out our post about our master closet. And if you are in need of home renovations, head her way! She will not lead you astray!



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