Every girl’s dream: creating their closet from scratch. 

When we moved into our house, the closet and the pantry were empty. At first, our thought was “oh great, one more thing we have to do”. Then I realized, “wait, something I’ve always wanted to do!” Both of these spaces are some of the most-used storage spaces in a house, at least in ours. Whether you’re in the kitchen and going in and out of the pantry, or you use your closet for anything and everything, having these spaces as personal and useful as possible is a game-changer! 





That’s why I knew that California Closets would be perfect for the job. Right when I met with our designer, Anna Abrams, her understanding of how we wanted to utilize these spaces meant we were going to get exactly what we wanted! And it had to be pretty, of course 🙂 

But like any good home-owners, we shopped around a bit, first. And what did we find with every other company; shelf, poles, white finish, black finish, cherry finish, repeat. There was no creativity, nor would there have been any similarities between this space and the rest of our house! One of the things we fell in love with about our home were the modern finishes and small details throughout the whole house. So we weren’t about to ruin that by building a closet that didn’t fit or wasn’t up to the standards of the rest of the house.

With California Closets, no such issue! 




Anna crushed it! When we met in person at the house she noticed the finish of the beams in our bedroom and living room and thought that would be a great color and a great way to transition from room to room! And well, obviously she was spot on! Not only does it fit beautifully with the finishes in the rest of the house but it also makes the space actually feel bigger!! Yes, the built-ins make the space feel bigger than when it was empty… tell me how that’s possible! Magic, I guess.  

Not only was Anna able to grasp the aesthetic of what would work perfectly in our closet, but she also asked the right questions in terms of how we want to and will use that space! How many shoes do you and your husband have? How long do his suits hang? How many bags do you have? Do you want drawers, doors, sliding shelves? Alllll things that I never would have thought of but now cannot believe how we would stay organized without them!  

First off? The height. Now, my husband is 6’10” so the “standard height” closet shelf just won’t cut it. Not only did she take all of our storage to the ceiling, but she made everything of his the perfect height. His watch drawer? Well, I can’t see into it, but it’s perfect for him! And what’s even more amazing? We were able to make a his and her side that flows beautifully. 





I knew I was going to need a little more folding space for my 124329 sweaters 🙂 and that I would want my shoe storage to be a little, well, prettier. And boy did they deliver!! The effect you get when you walk in and see those backlit glass doors? Well, they are on display as they should be. And it elevates the feel and style of the closet, which I am sure anyone will fall in love with. Cough cough resale cough cough!  

But we’re all about balance: the balance of aesthetics and efficiency of space. We have maximized this space, for sure!

Anna even helped me decide on the light fixture we installed in our closet! She was able to sort through my bajillion emails, ideas, wavering back and birth, and help me decide on this stunning AERIN Jacqueline Flush Mount. The perfect finishing touch! 






Now, let’s be real, a lot of people are fearful of building, construction, or any time of home renovations because of the pain and hassle! But I cannot tell you enough times that the logistics with California Closets and our designer, Anna, were as easy as you could ask for. They were communicative, on time, and the team that did that actual install? These guys were the best! I completely trusted them when I had to leave during the day, they did an amazing job on the install. I mean, impeccable. And they were so great about walking me through the ins and outs of the spaces, how to use the lights, and any other questions that I had.

All in all the experience was such a pleasant one, that I kinda wish we had some more blank spaces in our house! Maybe the next one 😀






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