Everyone who knows me, knows that I die over a good jumpsuit! And two-pieces? Very in this Spring! 

So when I started brainstorming some of my favorite looks and ideas for these events leading up to your big day? I HAD to include some of these amazing jumpsuits and sets. It’s such a cool way to show some style, keep your look a little casual, but still feel special! 








I wore a white jumpsuit with eyelet lace to my first bridal shower and I absolutely loved it. Not only are jumpsuits incredibly comfortable, but it also keeps the look stylish! With a cute pair of pumps or heels you look beyond stylish. And if you’re like me, the bridal shower was in someone’s home so it was just casual enough that a dress might have felt a little too dressy? So, an adorable jumpsuit was the answer! 


These styles started coming back a few years ago, and since then, they have taken over. Whether you’re going to a nice brunch, fancy dinner party, or an outdoor festival (yes, I’m referring to all of those pics people are posting at Coachella), there is a jumpsuit perfect for you! And while I would love to be wearing a cute chambray romper over a jumpsuit right now, I’m still focused on staying warm… so layers or long sleeves are a must. But no fear, there are plenty of options! 







This particular jumpsuit is probably my favorite because of the t-shirt and v neck detail. It’s flattering, casual and comfortable. Add a chic beaded belt? Girl, you’re good to go! 

One of my favorite ideas with this jumpsuit and all the other ideas (in the links below)? A colorful pair of pumps!! I paired this one with one of my favorite Raye heels with a braid detail. But if you are looking for something springy? Lilac is in!! And these would kill with a simple white jumpsuit 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png




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