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Now while I don’t think that this is something that you should fill your closet with, I definitely think that an affordable pair or two to stay on trend would be a good add to your wardrobe. I think it’s a cute, casual, boho vibe that if you pair with a woven pair of sandals, cute bucket bag, then you’re good to go. I will preface the rest of this post with the fact that i don’t love it haha! I don’t have the legs for culottes, so my take on this trend is a little biased. Do I think that it’s cute and can be adorable? 100%! I just don’t think that it is something super flattering for me and my body type.

So with that, if you feel like you can’t wear these because of your body type, know that 1. you can wear whatever you want 2. you are beautiful no matter what your body type is 3. at least try them to see how you feel! Who knows maybe you’d be super comfortable in them?!

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This print is everywhere! And I’m loving it!

I’ve slowly become more comfortable with bold prints like this, and excited for all the ways that it is showing up in the market! Whether you’re ready for a full dress, or maybe just a pair of shoes or accessory to ease into it, check out this post for dozens of my favorite trend finds.

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The second part to the newest series; how to wear one piece of clothing in many (many) ways! This one is a really fun one and very on trend for this fall/winter! Pleated skirts are popping up everywhere and this post covers how many different ways you can wear them as well as links to dozens of adorable style choices to rock this coming season!

Read more to see how to stay on-trend this season but true to our own style, and budget :-)

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