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We all know the feeling, we get super excited to change our clothes based on the seasons! Sweaters, boots, etc. But one of the problems is that once the crisp air subsides, it leaves a chill. And here, in Minnesota that chill is something like 38 degrees and snow flurries. And yes, I am still talking about Fall. But what I hate about the heavy parka’s and that time of year is that it completely hides my outfit! So here are some coat ideas, my favorite styles, and finds to keep you stylish into the Winter.

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I never thought that I would find so many ways to wear this coat, to be perfectly honest. I thought that it would be something I would just wear to nicer events, but it turns out, it’s harder to to find outfits that I can’t wear it with than ones that I can! From casual (like the pics below) or fancier with some heels, this kind of coat is the perfect one for this time of year. I hate wearing coats that cover up my style, so keep the style going with your outerwear.

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