So many goals, so little time 

In the spirit of my last post, where I have to tell myself, ‘I am capable’ and to get up and go! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Social media can make you feel like you’re never doing enough, and when you do, you’re not doing it right. So you think that your goals might never be realistic. But maybe it’s just the way you set your goals! 

Let’s review. Does this sound familiar? 

“I’m going to start exercising every day!”

“I’m going to be more organized in 2017”

“I’m going to go after what I really want this year” 

All sound great, but pretty vague, huh? People don’t realize that sometimes when they make their goals, that they’re not doing enough work on them before they actually start to work on them. That sentence made more sense in my head 🙂 




I have been through a lot of ups and downs these past few years, but one thing that I have always found to be true, is that unless I have thought out ways to accomplish certain things in my life, they often go untouched. Sure I might want to lose 10 pounds, but I need to figure out how I’m going to do that, and how long it will take to realistically accomplish it! No, not a week! I said realistic! 

Here are my top 4 tips to making your goals a reality 


Make them attainable! 

Don’t set yourself up to fail by jumping in too deep in the beginning. Make your goals realistic and attainable. If need be, make them incremental goals. Start out with losing 5 pounds, then maybe another 5 after that, instead of the ominous number that might be your end goal. 


Make them time-sensitive 

Just by saying that you’re going to do something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen! That’s why people usually accomplish things when their backs are against the wall :-/ whether that be a wedding, or vacation. Those types of timeframes give you a schedule that you feel you have to follow. So if you want to accomplish something in the New Year, think about your current schedule and workload, and think about a timeframe that will set you up for success! 


Add Tangible Action Items 

Like I mentioned above, I need to come up with ways to accomplish my goals before anything! So instead of just telling yourself, “I want to start a blog”, come up with things that you can do in order to do that! There are always a few small steps before a giant leap. If you plan out those steps in the beginning, not only will you be more prepared when that larger goal comes, but you’ll end up being much more successful at that goal as well. 


Write Everything Down! 

And no, typing will not do! Physically write it all out. Studies show that by writing something down not only are you more likely to remember it, but you’re forced to think about it more. The action of writing something down these days is lost, so instead of mindlessly typing away a few hundred words a minute, take the time to put everything on pen and paper. 

You know you have a bunch of adorable planners! Open them up and put these tips in action! Shop some of my favorites below. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



How do I use my planner? Well, how much time do you have. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I don’t go anywhere without my planner(s). Yes, sometimes plural! 

I use it for marking down my work outs, that are already signed up for via Mind Body. It adds a level of accountability, plus you don’t want to lose the money from missing a class that you’ve already paid for. But most of all I use it for my day’s to do list. My favorite planners are the ones that have the whole week within view so I can plan out what I need to do on what day. Prioritizing what needs to be done sooner rather than later! 

But most of all, the most important tip out of any that I will ever give, or you will ever see online about setting goals is…. go easy on yourself!! Odds are, you have a lot going on! So maybe those extra 5 pounds isn’t the end of the world. I bet you’re still beautiful. Do what you love and love the goals that you set. And make those goals to better yourself! Not to post it online and feel better about getting likes on the internet :-/ 


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