I never used to wear dresses, like, ever. Just ask my mom. We would get in horrible fights because she would want me to wear a dress to an event as a kid and I would not have it. I was actually a huge tomboy so to see the turn of events 20 years later… is quite a surprise! Now, all I want to wear are dresses. Part of it is the comfort of them, the other part because you only have to think about one piece of clothing. But either way, I’d wear one every day!



I do think that there is a dress for every occasion, even the most casual. I wear my go-to sweatshirt midi dress with sneakers and a ball cap to do the errands. And there is something about living in Nashville that makes me want to up my fashion game. I’m not sure if it’s because the weather is so much better for so much of the year, or if everyone’s fashion around here is so good. Either way, I found a few everyday dresses that I’m hoping will help me keep up with everybody




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