I love it when a coffee table decor is totally on point. It makes my entire living room feel complete and it can also change up the vibe and feeling of the room too! So if you don’t want to financially commit to completely redecorating a whole room, start with the smallest spot! Your coffee table.

I’ve put together five different ways to decorate your coffee table, but how you style these items depends on the shape and size of your coffee table. I personally love a square tray on a round table or ottoman, or a rectangular tray/set-up on an oval table, and a simple set up to match a square tabletop. The trick is making it feel decorated, but not overwhelming. If you can’t see the top of the table because there’s too much stuff on it, no good. So finding that balance can be tough, but that’s something you’ll just have to feel out. But the staples that make for a chic coffee table are:

  1. Books

  2. Florals/Greenery

  3. Candle/Candleholder

  4. Decorative objects

I freaking love coffee table cooks! There are some amazingly beautiful books that not only look good displayed on your coffee table, but are also really beautiful to look through as well. If you’re not into the big chunky books, or just don’t want to invest in a book you’re not reading, then maybe go for a beautiful magazine! There are some really pretty quarterlies like Restoration Hardware’s (which don’t even fit in my mailbox) that are a great way to add some dimension to your table.


Florals and greenery are the BEST way to make your table feel seasonal. In the spring/summer go for florals, light and bright colors, and lighter vases. In the fall/winter feel free to go a little denser/darker with the vase and focus on greenery like eucalyptus stems or moss. And don’t feel like you have to do fresh all the time. That can be 1. annoying because they die so quickly 2. if you have kids or pets can be dangerous. There are beautiful faux arrangements out there that you can use over and over and store away when they are out of season.

I love Magnolia for unique arrangements that you can tailor and personalize based on your space, Pottery Barn has some pretty floral arrangements, but don’t be afraid of Michael’s! they have TONS of options and can even be a good start if you’re not used to faux arrangements or not sure what you want.


I have at least one candle in every single room. Not only is one lit 24/7 to make our home smell fresh but they are amazing for ambience. There are some beautiful candles that serve as decor alone! It is also another way to create dimension in your table. You want different heights on your tabletop and layering a candle on your coffee table book, or a decorative box is a great way to do that. I also love candleholders as a way to make your space feel festive for the holidays. Again, dimension, but also so many options whether they are brass, clear for something more modern, iron for a bit of a moodier/industrial vibe, whatever you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it.


This is where it can get really tricky, not every table needs a decorative object, especially if it’s a small space. But I think that this is where your table can go from drab to fab 😀 Even it is a small quartz rock, or a large brass piece, this is where your chic style can come into play. If it is a bigger piece, then this may take the place of a floral arrangement, if it’s a small item, I would layer it on top of a coffee table book, and you can use a larger decorative box to create the shape of your tabletop decor.




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