See what I did there? 😀

You don’t have to have a brand new wardrobe and closet from season to season. I have never been that person to change out my closet from hot to cold because I never really felt a need! Granted I was living in different places six months out of the year so one could argue that technically I did, and my “winter closet” was just in a different state. BUT, my point being, a closet can be versatile enough that it can easily transition into seasons so much so that you won’t feel the need to set a date for storing those items you don’t need.

Now, I still store my summer dresses and those blouses and skirts that just. won’t. work in midwest temperatures, but that’s a small fraction of my closet. I want to be able to wear each piece as much as possible, and there are several pieces that I think are key to creating a ‘fall-proof closet’ that can help you through this time of transition. Let’s see…

  1. Leather+Jean Jacket

The key to layering when it is that in-between stage is one of these! You know the days: it’s fall in the morning, but by 11 AM your boob sweat has returned? Adding a jean jacket to a t-shirt dress, or a paper bag shorts outfit is all you need! Wearing jeans? Add a leather jacket and you’re set! I wear these constantly in September/October. Earlier I called it the ‘in-between stage’… but now that I think of it it’s really a mourning period. Goodbye tan lines, hello insulated boots.

2. A wool brim hat

I have always been a hat girl, and for a while I felt silly wearing mine, but now they’re everywhere! There were 2 MAJOR bestsellers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that sold out so fast. I couldn’t even move fast enough to get my hands on one of them. But I love adding a hat like these to a fall outfit, especially when you’ve worn the same sweater four times in the same week? Who will tell when you’re wearing this adorable taupe wide brim fedora 😀

3. booties+boots

Again, goodbye tan and pedicured feet and hello heavy socks! But, we get to wear booties so it’s more bittersweet. I got a pair of Sam Edelman’s from the Anniversary Sale and love them! I really only have one pair of brown and black suede booties because I feel like they go with everything. But I do have a variety of heeled booties and otk gems. Again, you could wear the same jean+sweater combo but with a different pair of shoes+hat and BAM! Whole new outfit!

4. Poncho

Remember what we talked about earlier? Fall in the morning, summer by noon? Poncho’s are not only adorable and stylish but great for layering! You could wear it with a belt, one side wrapped across your neck, or open and casual. A great add-on to an otherwise summer-ish outfit to fall-proof the look.

5. sweater jacket

I mean… look at how pretty!?! Need I say more? Yes. When the weather isn’t cold enough for a legit jacket or parka, THAT is the time to keep your style strong. I hate winter coats because it hides all the hard work we put into our look. But a beautiful sweater jacket serves its purpose and keeps you looking like the fall fashionista you are.




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