I have had so many requests for a video on how I do my hair, and I know, it took me forever. But it’s here! 

I usually chop my hair off every few years to keep it healthy, and this year I was happy to find that style to be on trend! And I have loved curling it too. It takes much less time than it did before. Could be the 12 inches less I have to work with. 

What I love most about this hair style is that once you have it down, it’s super easy and an awesome staple. Perfect for a coffee date during the week, a work dinner, date night, whatever! And even better? Sometimes it looks even better the next day 🙂 

In this post you are going to find video’s taking you through the styling process, beginning to end. Plus, links to all of my styling products as well as tips on how to keep your hair healthy in between stylings. 

So, shall we get started?  

First and foremost comes the dry shampoo. I know… it’s not just for your top knots when you don’t feel like washing your hair 😛 If I shampoo and blow dry my hair the same day that I am styling it, I still use dry shampoo to give it some volume. It also adds the texture that my hair needs to keep the curl and keep that “messy” look. Now, if your hair is already fairly textured, instead of the fine and thick strands that I have, then you may not need as much or any! But I have found that if I’m not working with next-day hair, my curl won’t hold as long without the dry shampoo. So… yeah, it’s a must. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


Next is dividing your hair into sections, now if you’re looking for a really casual look? Maybe more loose curls, not a ton of volume then you may not need to do this. When I’m in a rush, or looking for that more casual look I tend to just curl the top layer of my hair. That also helps give a little more length with my shorter hair. Obviously the more hair that’s curled, the shorter it’s going to look. But by leaving the majority of the hair underneath the curl straight, it will keep the length. Plus, no one will know that you didn’t curl the hair underneath because the curls will hide it! Another adult trick to save time 🙂 

But if you’re not too concerned with length, and do want a bit more volume and messy texture, then I would suggest dividing your hair to be able to grab the sections underneath and curl those without hinderance from the top layers of your hair. 

I first do the sides, then comb back the back of my hair and clip that up as well. 

Let’s chat about the curling iron. Believe it or not, it actually does make a difference and they are not all made alike. Now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one! The iron I use EVERY single time is $40! So I’m not saying the most expensive is best, but there is a certain style for a certain look. I have grown to love the iron I put in the shop above, but it is definitely tricky. I would say a 1″ curling iron is the way to go. What I love about my iron of choice is that it has a rubber free tip so that I can really pull that curl through for the lengthening effect that I’m looking for (don’t worry, I’ll get to that later). BUT the downside of that is that people sometimes get so in that habit of using that rubber tip that when they try using this curling iron, they burn their hands. Ouch!! 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


If you’re interested in at least trying it, I would! It may take a time or two to get the hang of it, but once you do you will whip right through it! I certainly do! I do use two hands since my iron isn’t spring loaded, but I find that it is so much easier to get the look of the curl that I want because of it! 

If you’re not into but need to get a new curling iron, find one that gets HOT! Mine gets up to 430 degrees which makes the whole curling process so much faster

Now… down to the curling.

Once your curling iron is all heated up, take a small section of hair and get your iron around it once about an inch away from your scalp. I tend to hold this for a second or two, then move the iron down to get two wraps, hold a second or two, and do that as many times as you need to do until you have about 2 inches left. As you’re removing your iron from the curl, pull on the last two inches of free hair slowly. It will give your curl some length instead of that curly-q look. If you want to work your finger through it to continue the lengthening, feel free! Just remember it will likely fall/lengthen throughout the night as you play with it and as it falls naturally

Last but certainly not least…. the styling!! 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



This is the most important part!! YOU MUST let the curls cool for a minute or two. Do not comb them out right away or they could fall and lose all their volume. You can use this time to finish your makeup, clean the bathroom counter, whatever! 

I use the Kenra Professional dry texturizing spray as I comb it out. First, it smells great. Secondly, while it goes on very lightly, it is very efficient and works great! Don’t forget to spray the ends too! You’ll want the ends to stay textured and separate to keep those curls looking messy 🙂 

And for my new favorite find (thanks to my stylist), the Osis+ matte powder. This does WONDERS if you lose volume at the top of your head. I will walk out of the door feeling great about my hair, then by the time I get to wherever I’m going, I’ll be doing that scrunching thing to keep the volume at the top. Scrunch no more! Put a VERY LIGHT amount of powder at the root of your hair about 1-2 inches from your part (see video), and use your fingers to push the hair up and create the volume. You can even use a teasing brush to create SUPER volume if you want! But this powder is super duper uber efficient so do NOT use too much or you won’t be able to work your fingers through your hair! 

Check out all the pictures above for links to these styling products and more! 


I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and I really hope that it was everything you were wishing for! If you have any questions or comments, let me know below!! If you loved it? Let me know! If you hated it? DEFINITELY let me know 🙂 

Happy styling loves <3


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