And lovin’ every minute of it. 

My high school’s colors were the best shades of blue, and this outfit makes me reminisce to those days. And makes me realize how much I loved this shade of blue. 





This season, velvet is everywhere and I’m loving it!! It makes this cobalt blue even more stunning and with every angle that the light hits it, it just stuns more and more. I know, some styles in velvet scream 90’s follies. But most companies know how to do it right these days. And these shoes and bomber, prove it. 

During the fall, I find it so easy to fall in a color rut; sticking with my favorite sweaters and pieces which are a collection of beige, brown and grey. So one of my objectives this season is to wear more color, be more bold, don’t be afraid to wear a pop! This outfit checks that box, and while I was nervous it would be too bold, and I wouldn’t like it… PLOT TWIST! I loved it πŸ˜€ 





Ankle-wrap heels are pretty popular right now too, and these are one of two pairs that I currently own. While pointy-toe pumps are beautiful in their simplicity, I don’t think all ankle-wrap shoes are a hit. I think that the colors need to compliment each other, or the fabric! These shoes are great because of the fabric and the texture, but otherwise if it was a simpler texture and all the same color I don’t think I would be as big a fan. 

But I have found myself having trouble finding the right bottoms to pair with these shoes. Do you wear ankle jeans so they stop right at the ankle wrap? How about a skirt? What if the pants you want to wear lie longer than they should? Could I wrap it over the pants? 

I’m sticking with the simple options, pants that fall just above the ankle wrap. I don’t think I’m bold enough to wear the wrap over the fabric of my pants. I’ve seen some style it that way on the runway, but I don’t think that will translate to real life. 

I like the idea of a cute skirt with these as well! Perhaps a neutral midi dress? Hmmm… the wheels are turning!  




This has also become a bit of a “[buy] this, not that”! I started coming up with this outfit with the shoes because well… duh! When I got to the jacket piece, I ran into a bit of an issue. All the options that I found were $200 or higher! Now, I know I talk about making certain investments in your closet, but a blue and velvet jacket?? That isn’t exactly the staple piece I was thinking. 

The initial idea came from the matching J.Crew bomber that I saw when I bought the heels… which was $250. Then I found one at my go-to spot, Revolve, which was like $500!!! Nooooo thank you. Just as I was about to give up… I then found this gem. And when I saw that it was as affordable as it was? Well… I couldn’t check out fast enough. 


Elsie Velvet Ankle-Wrap Pumps | J.Crew | $249

Cuffed Up Distressed Denim | Ily Couture | $98

Natalie Bomber Jacket | Nordstrom Rack | $60





To shop all of these outfit details, check out my LIKE TO KNOW IT page here!! Trust me, you’re going to want to check out these shoes πŸ™‚ 





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