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Despite what the magazine articles might say 

I’ve always been very open with my friends and family about my feelings and challenges with being healthy. So I’m going to do the same with you all. 

I suffered from several forms of eating disorders that began in college. And because of that, I have grown to find the true meaning of “healthy”. It isn’t staying within your daily limit of calories, or looking hot in a body con dress, or being the skinniest that you can be. It is about your body performing at its best, feeling its best, and optimizing your wellness and happiness. Unfortunately many times in today’s world, those things get pushed down the list of priorities. 

As women we are bombarded every day with influential information. Companies trying to influence us to buy their perfume or their skin care because it will make us look younger and smell fresher. Make up lines influencing us to think that we don’t look as good as we should and that if we buy their products, we will no longer look like we’ve been tired since the early 2000’s and solve more problems in your life. Now it’s even grocery stores trying to influence our buying habits to make it think that if we buy their spinach it will make us happier!! Our lives have been so intertwined with our purchases that we forget sometimes that we are not defined by them.

I used to be in that mindset. I would buy the products, read the magazine articles, and count my calories. It was a part of my daily routine. And because I was skinny, I thought I was doing the right thing! I didn’t know that a few years later, the culmination of all of that would put me in the hospital. 

Am I as skinny as I was back then? Definitely not. But am I healthier? Hell ya. And because of that, I’m happier. Sure, every now and then I think about if I should lose a few pounds, or start counting calories again. But then I look at my husband, my nephews, my family, and realize that they don’t love me because of my weight, or what dress I can fit into, or if I have a six-pack that I show off by lifting my shirt and taking a selfie in the mirror. 

So if you ever find yourself getting caught up in the craziness of what the market trends are telling us, forgive yourself. It’s human nature to want to listen. But then remind yourself of what you enjoy most, and I’m guessing it isn’t eating kale or worrying about your weight. But probably the time you spend with your family, your memories you have with your kids, or nieces and nephews. 

Be healthy. Be happy. Be smart about what you do, and what you eat. But don’t let it define you, or consume your life. Know that it’s not what is most important about you, but just a small detail. 


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