This is the truth, not an exaggeration. 

I fully believe that if I had the merchandise in my closet, I could go a whole month wearing a sweater dress and not wear the same outfit or look once. These pieces are ones that you need to have in closet! And they are such versatile pieces that if you want to get one that’s a little more expensive, it would be well worth the investment. 






I live in cold-weather places. Like… frigid-weather places, at times. So sometimes comes the struggle of looking cute or fashionable, and not freezing your tootsies off. I mean, I love to bundle up but sometimes a parka and ear muffs don’t scream ‘style’. 

I bought a few sweater dresses from H&M last year which began my interest. Then one day I wore a grey turtleneck sweater with black tall booties… and the obsession grows. So this season I decided to try some new ones. 

*want an insider’s secret? If you look for things like this around the mid-summer months, odds are they will either be on sale, or you will be able to find some really cute styles for not-so-terrible prices. Now, you won’t have the most recent styles of this piece, but you’d be able to adjust how you wear them easily enough that you won’t have any regrets.





Sweatshirts and sneakers? Ummm, yes please! I love these looks for the weekend. Whether it is for brunch, you want to look cute while running errands, or visiting friends, this is the beyond perfect look! And you can change it up! Same dress, different style! Who doesn’t love versatility? 

I really think I use that word too much :-/ 





I know I have a ton more of these pieces in my closet, so I am positive that you will see more of these styles on the blog soon! Whether they are colorful, neutral, simple, styled, turtleneck, or hoody, you’ll be able to see them all here! And I cannot wait to share them with you. 





Keep an eye out! You won’t want to miss a post 🙂   

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