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I’m a millennial girl in a millennial world! 



I have tons of apps on my phone and at times I think that if i buy the right product or read the right book, I will magically be fixed. We all know that’s not the case. We can shop and read all day long, but nothing will change unless we do something of change 

I know, I’m getting deep. 

Many people find it overwhelming to not only eat healthy, but to cook healthy. There are so many websites, cooking shows, cookbooks (trust me, I know! I own them all). And at times we have too much information to act on. In this case, I believe that less is more. 

This summer I made a commitment. Instead of making several lists, containing all the recipes I would ever want to make, in many categories (I know, i have a problem), I aimed to simplify. And I used Pinterest to do it. You may not know this, but Pinterest is the most widely used social media platform out there. Ahead of twitter and Instagram. And I contribute to only, like, half of that data usage 😛 

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.34.05 AM.png

Use the secret boards! 

If you already do, awesome. If you think that’s strange, get over it! Create a secret board that will only ever have 4-5 recipes in it at one time. No one will see it, it’s just for you to organize the recipes that you want to make that week in one central location. 




Then every time you make one of them, move it over to your public board of yummy food, and mark it as tried! By the end of the week, the board will be empty! 

I cannot tell you how helpful this has been for me. Out of all of the different tools, books, lists, formats, everything, this has been the most helpful way of organizing my health and keeping my weekly wellness goals in check. And I don’t feel overwhelmed at all since it is a platform that I already use all… the… time! 

Here’s a peek into what my board looks like right now! Looks like it’s gonna be a great week 



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