My favorite app on my phone 

You may have seen on many instagram and Facebook posts I talk about or I say things like ‘shop this look here..’ and then there’s a few jumbled letters. Not familiar with it? I’ll explain 

Like To Know It is a platform that has changed the world of marketing and social media influencers. It is an app that holds thousands of influencer’s content about shopping and home goods that, when you sign up, you can get all of the pertinent shopping information from those posts in your inbox. It’s ingenious! 




I found myself on the app all the time looking for good outfit ideas that I could either create from items I already owned, or for that finishing piece I had been racking my brain over! All the work is done for you on LIKEtoKNOWit, all you have to do is find the outfit or image that you like, double tap or screenshot that picture on instagram, and then go to your email inbox and find the links to those pieces that caught your eye! 

And it isn’t just designers or super expensive brands. If you want to search for items under $50 or even $100? Search the tag #ltkunder50 or #ltkunder100. Those are the tags that influencers use to indicate how affordable their outfit is. 





Here is a step by step ACCOUNT for how TO WORK LIKETOKNOWIT

 1. Download the LiketoKnowit App in the App Store 

2. Sign up on the app with your instagram name or just your email address 

3. Start shopping either on Instagram or on the app! 

          *If you’re shopping the app, you can find the links to the pictures right below the pictures! But if you still want to receive an email, like the picture of screenshot it in the app. 

          *If you’re shopping it on instagram, look for an image like below. Most influencers use the LikeToKnowit icon on the bottom right hand corner to indicate that it is a shopp-abble picture. If you like that picture or screenshot it, you will also get an email with the links to everything you’ll want to buy later 🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.26.01 AM.png


There are new uses to the app every day! Now, you can follow your favorite influencers within the app itself. Making it easier to open the app and shop just your favorites. See the images below for a step-by-step tutorial

Go into the LIKEtoKNOWit app and click the search icon in the bottom right corner, type in the influencer you want to see and tap the ‘follow’ button. That’s it! 




Now, you can shop all of those influencer’s posts live! Just by clicking the profile icon, the second one at the bottom 




So head on over to the App store now and get the app that will change your closet and your outlook on style forever! I know it has helped me in moments of need when I had no idea what to wear 🙂 We all have those moments, so let’s help each other! Download the app and start following some of your favorite influencers to stay in the loop of what they’re up to

Check out my LikeToKnowit page here






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