A trend that reaches all areas of fashion. 

Whether you want to ease into it with accessories, jump right in with a jacket, or mix and match with some cute velvet leggings, you definitely have your choice when it comes to how you execute this trend. Before this season, if someone mentioned velvet, I would think of a bad 90’s spaghetti strap dress. But now, it is turning into one of my favorite ways to add texture and dimension to an outfit. 

It’s perfect for this time of year and a great way to make an outfit a little fancier for a holiday party. The colors are rich, and the fabrics are warmer for those chillier nights you have to venture out. 






When I first received these pants from Anthropologie, I saw the flare and thought they were going to be too funky. Then I tried them on and fell in love with the shape. Between the silky velvet texture and the flare of the leg they are super flattering! Plus the subtly pinstripe texture gives it an extra “cool” vibe. 






I paired it with my favorite funky booties and winter white sweater to keep the outfit from getting too dark. It’s best to keep the other patterns and textures fairly simple in a outfit including velvet. You don’t want to overwhelm the look  by adding too much. And it’s nice to accentuate the cool velvet detail. 

This sweater below is a fun way to make a sweatshirt more than just a post-gym accessory. The velvet fabric plus the crinkled texture to it really elevates the dimensions as well. It has a pattern without technically having a pattern 🙂 see what I did there? 






This could be really cute in a super casual outfit with black leggings or light girlfriend jeans and chucks. The options are endless with this sweater! 






But I saved the best for last. I came across these pants by accident, if you can believe it! I was running into Anthropologie on a mission for my mom when I saw these gems hanging in the window. I’m pretty sure I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing there in the first place, and honed my priorities in on these joggers. 

Now, I’m a sucker for joggers, so that was hit number one for me. But then when I tried them on and the inside felt like fleece? Oh man, I was down for the count. Sometimes when something has sequins you can feel that rough texture through the inside of the garment. These joggers? Not a chance! They’re beyond comfortable






You’re probably wondering what these pants are doing here, when this post is about velvet. I’m getting there, I promise! 

Take a closer look at the detail of these pants. Go on, really get in there. I’m about to blow your mind. The design of the sequin pattern is a camo print alternating camo and velvet. I know! Now, I know that you can’t totally see the velvet and you might even wear them a few times and not even notice yourself. But when you do, you notice how the velvet totally compliments the sequins and makes the pants seasonal. 

I mean, do I hear NYE outfit? 





Brands these days are doing an amazing job giving you plenty of options when it comes to this trend. I even recently purchased these velvet tank tops from Abercrombie and I can’t wait to try them out. They’re an awesome and inexpensive way to try out the texture of velvet and the trend without being too aggressive about it. And I think the burgundy color is ON POINT for a holiday party. 


Take a closer look at these pieces below and shop some of my favorite velvet items featured in this article below. If you want to be the hit of the holidays, I suggest you shop the link 😉


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


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