Welcome to the first of the trending series of the season! 

There are a few trends this season that are so prevalent, and so fantastic that I had to dedicate a post to each of them! Sometimes the ever-changing styles can be overwhelming. And sometimes a trend comes and goes before you ever realize it was in style! Well these are three that you’ll not only notice, but you’ll want to take part in






If you had told me a year ago that you would be seeing embroidery making a comeback, I would have brushed it off as a trend that I would want no part of. Who would have thought that what, at times, is a clothing detail used for bad holiday sweaters and overdone 90’s pieces would come back so strong, and so stylish?? As you can tell, not me! 

This fall you are seeing it everywhere! Sweaters, pants, jackets, SHOES, oh my! Now, I have talked about versatile pieces in the past. But these, aren’t exactly that. Sure they are amazing for the fall / winter season and a great way to amp your outfit, but most of these pieces may not be super seasonal-friendly. Meaning, most of these pieces you probably won’t be able to wear come spring-time. Now, jeans with a little detail? Totally! This jacket featured above? Uhhh, yeah! But most of the pieces you see out there, the sweaters, the dresses, and definitely the shoes, are pieces that you’ll want to keep in the colder months. 






But either way, they are pieces that you’ll wear the tail off of while you can! And my favorite part about this trend is that it is making otherwise simple styles exciting and fun! Let’s get real, who has a million pair of plain jeans in their closet? Y’all are definitely raising your hands. Don’t you sometimes wish there was one or two pairs in that crowd that stood out from the rest? That made your jeans and a tee, or sweater, outfit just a little bit more fun? 

Ta da! 






There are so many different styles out there that I beg of you to check out. Anthropologie, Free People, and Revolve have some doozies. Looking for something super affordable? Chic Wish has some good options as well. 

Definitely keep a look out on Instagram for more pictures on some pieces that I have acquired over the past few weeks on this trend. You’ll probably find a few that you think would look good in your closet 🙂 

The pieces I’ve been drawn to are mostly on the low-key side of embroidery. Nothing too overdone, too covered in florals, and pieces that have the hits of decor that are noticeable but not overwhelming. If you’re looking for something that will stand out? A statement piece? There are plenty of dresses out there just waiting for you! This shirtdress is a great casual way to jump into the trend, and one that will work great come spring! 








The detail on the back of this dress is stunning! You’ll want to stare at it before wearing it. And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm throughout the holiday season, this piece would be a perfect get for you! And a piece that you could wear all year round. 




Have I sold you yet? 

If not, check out a few of the looks that I put together based on these new trends. This outfit from Anthropologie is an amazing one for the weekend. Meeting a fun group for brunch? Throw this on and you’ll slay the last outfit you wore to brunch… which was probably yoga leggings! I paired this look with a killer pair of white booties for a funky feel and loved it. You could easily wear it with chucks, or even nude heels for a different feel. 





One of my favorite pieces that I’m so glad has been so popular this year is the jean skirt. And this one is a doozy! Sometimes jean skirts are heavy and stiff, making them more uncomfortable than you’d like to be when you’re wearing denim. But this skirt from Abercrombie is a soft denim and beyond flattering in the cut. Obviously a destroyed denim, but it doesn’t hug around the thighs, which is nice for someone shaped like me 😀 

The embroidery is great on a piece like this because you can wear it with something casual like a hoody and chucks and not feel too much like a little kid. It elevates the style and makes gives it that feminine kick you’ve been looking for! 



Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


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