This hat… is everything





And I know that you would agree! Not only is it on sale for 56% off….  woah… but it is also the most amazing color! I have mentioned so many times in the past about how I get in a color-rut. I find myself buying so many neutrals, that my closet looks like the inside of a Gap’s khaki storage closet. But with this hat, I’m cured!! 

The size is also perfection! I sometimes find the felt hats on the market today to be a little big. Not fit-wise but in the brim. Which makes it feel a little fancier! Which then makes me not want to wear them as much. But again, I’m cured! This is the perfect size for a casual weekend activity!






And I’m so excited to rock this hat with my new hair cut too! While I still miss my long hair at times, I think the hat makes this look that much more trendy! And want some other outfit ideas to pair with a hat like this? The turtleneck is an awesome choice, but you could also do a v-neck tee with a leather jacket to be super stylish! Or if you have a simple grey sweatshirt dress and denim jacket, this hat could dress it up a bit and really finish off the whole outfit! 

I mean… as if I really need an excuse to wear this hat! I’d wear it with anything 🙂 






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