I’m at basketball practice in middle school again! 

And I love it!! Except these track pants are sooooo much better 🙂 




Brands are taking athleisure to a whole new level. They are taking advantage of what the consumers are shopping for every day, and taking those styles to the runway. Instead of jeans, people are buying leggings. Instead of fancy shoes, they’re buying tennis shoes! But now, instead of sweatpants, you can buy track pants! Sorry, you should buy track pants 🙂  


I absolutely love the style and look of these pants in particular with the button detail. But if you’re just digging the stripes there are plenty of those out there as well. But either of the styles are an amazing way to style up a casual outfit. I styled this look with black booties and a plain black sweater, but I think when the weather gets warmer it would be adorable with a white tank top and boyfriend denim jacket 




But until then, I think this will be my new uniform! 


These exact pants are from Zara and are absolutely amazing! The fit, the fabric! And the buttons can be unsnapped at the bottom. So if you ant a bit more of a flare, you got it. Again, I just love the buttons! 


Haven’t you ever gone into your closet looking for a pair of pants that isn’t completely boring? You get tired of the jeans, the leggings, and maybe you even have a pair of cute trousers, but you want just a little more? Track pants are the perfect solution. I love how they add a layer of style to an outfit without going over the top. So what would be a plain black sweater, boots and black pants outfit is not a stylish and fun one! 





Zara is one of my favorite places to shop and the prices are amazing for the styles they offer.  Every single one of these pairs of pants is under $100. To shop them click on their picture. 







Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



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