It’s getting warmer everywhere! And people are starting to travel recreationally again, which means swimsuits and SPF. I always get new swimsuits, year over year. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like those are the one things that are okay to replenish. But that’s also probably because I buy really affordable ones instead of splurging, but then again I totally understand the impulse to splurge on a really good swimsuit, too! So I compiled 20 of each: 20 saves and 20 splurges that are on trend for this year and would look adorable for your next beach vaca.

PLUS! Don’t miss some adorable cover ups and beach accessories to top off your “on-the-way-to-the-beach” outfit 😀





cover-ups + accessories

This was an absolute bestseller from Target last year and is still in stock. There are so many good finds at Target and a great place to find fun ones; different and fun prints that you might not want to spend a ton on? Click the picture below to check out some of my favorite Target picks!



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