No one imagined that THIS many people would be working from home. I think we all saw a trend where more and more people were able to do their job from home just as well as from their corporate office, but no one imagined it would be one mass exodus from these buildings. But just because you don’t have a completely separate room for your office doesn’t mean it can’t be the most functional space possible!

Even if it’s just a built-in desk or a dining room table, there are a few things that I have found to be completely essential, no matter where I’m working… which even helps when I’m working from the couch. Which, is unfortunately more often than I’d like to admit.

And full disclosure, these aren’t fancy Amazon finds to have an Instagram-approved office. These are things that I have found that no matter where we lived, what kind of workspace that I had, were essential to creating a productive space for me. Sure, not everyone needs to light a candle while they work, so sure, I might be a little extra 😀 but it sure does help!!


Blue Light Glasses

We all know what staring at a screen all day can do to our eyes. And since that isn’t changing any time soon, might as well take precautionary measures!

Visible Calendar

I need a calendar that is visible at all times! It is great to mark key dates and have a visible timelines to keep things organized.
Girl Friday

Candle or Diffuser

Sure, this isn’t a necessity, but have you ever tried a calming essential oil in a diffuser during a busy day? Hmm, really? Then maybe it is something you should consider :-)
McGee & Co

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because... life. I listen to Spotify almost 100% while I work, and while we don’t have kids, we do have a very protective dog, so don’t let those quick and constant distractions get you!

A Good Lamp

Again, for your eyes! And while the days are starting to get a little longer, it’s still winter and well, at times dark and depressing. Shine some light on your work!
Amber Lewis

Memo Pads

I am a sucker for planners on planners on planners. I’ve also found that we all have a million ideas in our heads at once and usually need to write them down right away. Enter... sticky notes :-D
Russell + Hazel

A Cozy Blanket

Again, winter. And again, sometimes I am a little extra! But I’m also always cold, and feel more productive when I’m comfy.
Barefoot Dreams

Heated Coffee Mug

It never fails. I’ll look up to a 1/3 of my coffee left, ice cold! My husband got me one of these last year because he was tired of finding those mugs everywhere ha!


A little greenery always gives a room some life! Even if it is fake.

Water Bottle

DO NOT sleep on your hydration. We all know how much water we SHOULD be drinking in a day, and we all know how much we are actually drinking. Get a pretty vessel for that hydration, and why not a nice lil lip balm to go along with it?
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