I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous! Would they hurt, would it be too much of a change, would it take too long to style, would I regret it immediately?

Enter… overthinking!

But I have to say while the process that day took a while… I am so happy I did it! I barely even notice that I have them now, and other than a few normal hair styles that I have to avoid, there really isn’t much of a difference!

Now, because the financial investment is hefty, I would make sure that this is something that you want to keep long term! Which you can do! With NBR all you have to do is have the connection points moved up every 6 weeks or so. Because they grow with your hair, they have to be shifted back up closer to your roots so they don’t grow out too far. So if you’re good with that, I would say that it’s something that you would want to keep for as long as possible! Otherwise, if you want something a more short term maybe try clip ins and experiment with temporary extensions. I have tried Glam Seamless before and LOVED them, so I was familiar with what they would feel like along with the length.

I’m going to be honest, the volume can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Now, what my stylist told me was that after a few days the hair in the extensions actually changes so it takes on the texture much closer to actual hair. Now, it’s still a lot of volume, but it feels more like my real hair now so it doesn’t feel as “heavy” or dense. Now, for me it is too heavy to wear as a high pony or top knot. I’m sure if I tried those styles more I would be more comfortable with them, but I do kinda miss the ability to just throw my hair into a top knot to head to the gym. I’ve stuck with the low pony and occasionally even a braid to keep the hair out of my face, but that was an adjustment.

When it comes to styling, not much has changed for me! It does take longer to curl my hair but the style in which I do it is the exact same. I posted a video on how I curl my hair on my IGTV channel, so check that out! In fact, I said in the video that my curling iron wasn’t an XL barrel, but in fact it is! I’ve had it so long that I wasn’t sure but when I compared it to other ones on the market, whaddayaknow!? So that does help curling my hair since it’s so long. Now, my hair always held curl pretty well, but with extensions?? WOAH! This picture below was taken on a Wednesday and I had curled/styled it on the Monday prior. Thank goodness for dry shampoo am I right?




People do say that with extensions they wash their hair like once a week. But for me that’s not the case. I’m not sure if I just have really oily hair or if it’s how much I work out, but I still have to wash it about every two days. Before, I HAD to wash it every other day unless I didn’t plan on seeing other humans :-/ you know those days. So if you work out a significant amount and want extensions in part because of the washing aspect, it might not be as infrequently as you think. But still, every two days? Not bad at all!

I think something that also helped a TON was that my stylist was a KILLER at extensions and matching the color. The first time my mom saw them in person, all of a sudden she starts to feel around my scalp saying “but where are they???”. So if you’re dying to get it done but don’t know who to go to, do your research!! Make sure that you look at other clients pictures and that they look natural and the coloring works, because if not you may end up with the really obvious extensions that noooooobody wants. Also, take a look at your daily routine, is it okay to have a slight adjustment to your style and care? If you constantly wear an updo, you might not want a really long set as you wouldn’t be able to do that. But honestly after about a week, not such a big deal for me!

I’m going to try and keep mine as long as possible and keep the flow going 🙂 If you have any specific questions, send them in the comments below!

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